Conversion Rate Optimisation

Making life easier for your users

That's what I always answer to people asking me what conversion optimisation is about. It's about following your users through their journey on your site, understanding what they want to do and what problems might arise for them. Then it's about finding the best way to solve those problems and remove all those barriers. Being a CRO specialist means being your customers' advocate. 

The optimisation process

Discovery Analysis

Looking at your website from different points of view: technical, analytical, qualitative, in search for problems - tasks your users are trying to perform but can't

Problem list

Creating a list of problems specific to your site and your users - some of them will be instrument related, technical bugs or UX related issues - and understanding why they're happening and how to fix them.


Taking our assumptions and test ideas and prioritising them by carrying out an impact/difficulty analysis. This way we'll make sure to run easy tests with a potentially big impact first.

A/B Testing Roadmap

Placing our AB tests into a roadmap in order of priority, following a set of best practices and rules to guarantee that every test will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

All about the data

Without data, you're just another person with an opinion

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