AB Testing Services

AB testing, which involves comparing two versions of the same web page, is the phase in the CRO process where we put all the insights to good use, with the aim of your site conversion rate improving considerably.

Most of the issues found at the CRO audit stage become AB test ideas, prioritised so that AB tests with a potentially bigger impact and relative ease of building will be executed first on the pages that matter most for ROI (Return On Investment).

This is an ongoing phase where tests are designed, coded and launched. By testing different solutions, AB testing a website allows us to understand which variation has the highest performance and implement it to reap the benefits in terms of conversion rate and revenue.

I offer full AB testing services ranging from the initial test strategy to the design and coding of test, QAing, launching and the analysis of the final results.

I will keep you up to speed with regular updates on the status of every test, all results and more importantly, I will ask for your input and signoff at the different stages, before progressing with further tests.

I have used many different AB testing tools in my career and I am happy to use the software of your choice if you have one already set up. Otherwise I am also able to recommend the best one for your needs. If needed, I can take care of the implementation on your website.