Conversion Rate Optimisation Training Services

I am available to coach and train individuals and teams in all things Conversion Rate Optimisation, AB Testing or broader digital marketing.

I am an accredited life coach, so I often find it useful to combine training people in a new(ish) discipline and supporting them through the new challenges they’re facing. This can be especially beneficial after a recent promotion with any new duties the role includes.

Training happens online on your preferred platform so it's very convenient and flexible. I use equally Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

There are different ways to approach training/coaching someone and all are personalised as they depend on different factors.

I have listed a few examples from training programs I’ve developed in the past for clients:

  • Training a Junior Marketer in Conversion Rate Optimisation: We carried out a CRO audit of the client site together which meant the training took place while using an actual specific project.
  • Training a Senior Marketer in AB Testing and CRO: This training was ad-hoc and consisted mainly of answering questions the client had and going in depth when needed with specific tasks.
  • Coaching a mid-level Marketer that was new to CRO and had to manage an AB testing agency. This happened mainly through analysis of the work the agency was doing, constant support and bits of theory/practice thrown in, in order for them to develop autonomy and knowledge.
  • Training an individual (who wanted to change career) in all things digital marketing, ranging from SEO, PPC, Social Media, CRO, Email marketing and strategy.

I also train marketing teams that are transitioning from a purely offline business to online (and I do love those sessions!)

All plans are bespoke, so please get in touch to enquire about your own training program.