User Research Services

As a user research consultant, the purpose of my services is to understand user behaviour, motivation, satisfaction and needs using observational and feedback techniques such as surveys, screen recordings, heatmaps, usability testing and user interviews.

While AB Testing and analytics allow us to understand what is happening and where, looking at data, qualitative user research allows us to understand why it's happening.

User research services can be added to any of the other services I offer but are also useful as a standalone project.

User research for websites is where most companies neglect to spend enough time. This is understandable because it is an arduous task and can be time consuming. However, the insights you obtain from user research are priceless. There can be a marked difference between a good testing program which increases the site conversion rate exponentially in a systematic way, and a lesser approach which doesn’t bring in any extra revenue or return on investment.

The user research services I offer range from one-off research projects to longer term support where I integrate with your current teams and processes. I have experience carrying out remote user research (surveys, remote user testing) to in-person methods (focus group, in-person user testing, user interviews).

You can also present a research you’ve already carried out, but need help analysing the results. In this case I will return a full report. Alternatively, you can contact me before you start the research project and, in this case, we would discuss a research strategy and methodology together.