CRO Consultations

Consultations are a simple, valuable and productive way to identify your needs, without being too time consuming.

Consultations usually last 1 hour but can be booked for longer if needed. They are very useful if you’re just starting out and need some guidance on the best direction for your website. They are also valuable if you are facing a complicated or unexpected challenge that you are having difficulty with.

Sometimes when you are struggling with a particular situation, a discussion with an external consultant can help solidify things in your mind and work towards finding a solution.

I will ask questions about your website, your tools, your challenges and your needs and answer all the questions you might have. We’ll work together at finding a solution that suits your goals and come up with a plan to get there.

Whether you are an established business looking for help to improve your conversion rate or a marketing agency needing a hand with a project, I would be happy to help! You can book a CRO consultation with me to discuss your current challenges and more importantly, your goals.