CRO Audit Services

A CRO Audit (or discovery analysis) is a great tool to analyse the current site performance and highlight opportunities, areas of improvement and points of friction.

This is the starting point of most of my work with new clients or projects - in fact it’s absolutely vital to understand everything that is (or isn’t) happening on your site before we take any action.

I can’t stress this enough: if you take action based on your gut feeling as opposed to data, it’s like shooting in the dark and hoping for a good result. You might get lucky but in my experience most of the time it just doesn’t work.

The goal of the conversion rate optimisation audit is to look for issues that are preventing users from reaching their goals.

The CRO audit checklist involves several different quantitative analysis (technical, heuristic, data analysis) that shed light on where the problems are, and insights from qualitative research (heatmaps, screen recordings, surveys and if available user testing and competitor analysis) which are needed to understand why those issues are happening.

Every issue that is discovered, is explained and paired with an actionable solution or activity, so you can start taking action immediately. I will provide you with a full detailed document along with a list of recommended actions.

Here are two examples of a CRO audit, one specific to ecommerce sites and one for lead-generation portals.

Affordable website reviews
Sometimes you do not have the time or cannot afford to pay for a full site audit. In this case I offer a quicker and lighter service to review your site performance with an eye on increasing your conversion rate and revenue. Get in touch if you think this could work for you.